Summer in Snowvalley by Jeanette Lewis, Janet Snow, Mercedes O’Shay, Caytie Holbrook, Rebecca Dash and Annie Stirland, 12 Days of Summer – Day 4

First Love:
Janet Snow only agrees to go out with the man she’d written off ten years ago because it was understood–no complications. But after a trip to the hot springs, a helicopter ride, and a proposal Janet has to make a choice…play it safe or trust that her first love could also be her last.

Tin Foil Tiaras:
Cameron Elliott has come to Snow Valley to coach Annalisa Drake in the Miss Snow Valley pageant, and prove to her demanding boss that she deserves a place at the prestigious Westbrooke Agency. But Annalisa’s handsome and protective big brother, Kyle, is determined to keep his sister from becoming a reluctant beauty queen. He insists some things are more valuable than a title and as crazy as it sounds, Cameron might just believe him.

Love in Light and

Mercedes O’Shay has sworn off gorgeous men because they have a
tendency to break her heart. When she meets her new neighbor, Chet Bauer, she
immediately puts him in the Do Not Date category based on his
well-defined muscles and stunning blue eyes. But the more Mercedes learns
about the cowboy who reads classics and forges iron, the more she realizes the
heart doesn’t see in black and white; it sees light and shadows.
Romancing Rebecca:
Rebecca Dash would rather write about
Jane Austen-type characters than hang out with her nerdy Chemical Engineering
male lab partners—until a team of fire-fighters sets up camp on the lawns of
the Starry Skies Bed & Breakfast and the devastatingly handsome, Captain
Wade, catches her eye. Becca soon learns that there’s more to a
happily-ever-after than flirty firemen with muscles the size of the Montana
Catching Caytie:
To escape being
trapped in an unwanted marriage, Caytie Holbrook hides out at her uncle’s ranch
in Snow Valley, Montana. She intends to stay long enough to inherit a trust
fund her grandmother left and then move to Italy…that is until she meets Jace
McAllister, an incredibly sexy—although somewhat grumpy—cowboy who threatens to
disrupt her plans

A Touch of Love:
Annie Stirland has
endured a lifetime of teasing, embarrassment, and isolation due to her speech
impediment. When irresistible cowboy, Luke Wilson, seems to be falling for her,
she’s certain he’s too good to be true. His ex-girlfriend reappears and
confirms her fears, but Luke isn’t ready to give Annie up.


Tin Foil Tiaras:

Jeanette Lewis is a pen name used by author, Janet K. Halling. Dreaming up stories has always been one of Janet’s favorite things. Other favorites include her family, good friends, crisp autumn days, decadent desserts, and having adventures. Visit for more info on Janet’s latest projects or check out her author page at

First Love:

Taylor Hart has always been drawn to a good love triangle, hot
chocolate and long conversations with new friends. Writing has always been a passion
that has consumed her dreams and forced her to sit in a trance for long hours,
completely obsessed with people that don’t really exist. Taylor would have been
a country star if she could have carried a tune—maybe in the next life. Find
Taylor at: │ Twitter: @taylorfaithhart │ Facebook: Taylor Hart
in Light and Shadow:
Lucy McConnell has always
been a reader and a writer. Once caught up in a story, she disappears into a
cave until the first draft is done. She writes fantasy, clean romance,
Christian romance, historical fiction, and cookbooks (under the name Christina
Dymock.) Her Christmas romance,
Blue Christmas,
was a top seller in seven Amazon categories on its own and in thirteen as part
of the
Christmas in Snow Valley Anthology.
When she’s not writing,
you can find her volunteering at the elementary school or church; shuttling
kids to baseball, soccer, basketball, or football, depending on the time of
year; skiing with her family; wakeboarding; cycling; baking; cooking; or curled
up with a good book.
You can sign up for her
newsletter and get the latest news by clicking
Or, you can visit her
website at:

Romancing Rebecca:

Award-winning author, Kimberley Montpetit AKA Kimberley
Griffiths Little once spent all her souvenir money at the La Patisserie
shops when she was in Paris—on the arm of her adorable husband. The author grew
up in San Francisco, but currently lives in a small town along the Rio Grande
with her big, messy family.

Kimberley reads a book a day and loves to travel. She’s stayed
in the haunted tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland, sailed the Seine in
Paris, swam in the ocean at Cannes, ridden a camel among the glorious cliffs of
Petra, shopped the maze of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and spent the night in
an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria. Find her at or her Facebook page: Kimberley Montpetit Author Page on Amazon

Catching Caytie:
Roland Anderson is the bestselling author of clean, contemporary romance filled
with humor, romantic tension and some pretty great kissing scenes. Cindy has a
degree in nursing, and worked in the NICU until she recently retired to write
full time.
She loves to bake,
not cook (there is a difference!) and enjoys spending time with her family.
Cindy is lucky to be married to her best friend John.
They live in Northern Utah and are parents to five incredible children. Over
the past few years their family has expanded by adding a son-in-law, a
daughter-in-law and four adorable grandchildren.
loves to read, almost as much as she loves writing. And she loves
chocolate—probably a little too much.
To contact Cindy or to see other projects she is
working on go to or check out her author Facebook page at

A Touch of Love:
Cami Checketts is married and the proud mother of four future
WWF champions. Sometimes between being a human horse, cleaning up magic
potions, and driving boys to lacrosse practice, she gets the chance to write
fiction. Cami and her family live in the beautiful Cache Valley of
Northern Utah. During the two months of the year it isn’t snowing, she enjoys
swimming, hiking, biking, running, and water-skiing. 

Fun facts:
Taylor Hart 1-My favorite, favorite, favorite thing to do in the summer is
pick up candy at fourth of July parades!
have 4 boys that break lots of things and force me to watch youtube videos on
how to fix stuff.
Lucy McConnell Though she grew up in Utah, Lucy didn’t
take up skiing until she was 32. It still scares her to look down a steep
grade, but since her kids are usually half way down the hill before she gets up
the nerve to push off, she has no choice but to suck it up and do her best.
She watched a horrendous amount of
Christmas movies and DVRs them so she can watch them in the middle of the
summer too.
Lucy bakes…a lot! But, she swears chocolate
desserts come out better when mixed with a little Elvis Presley music. It’s
totally true; you should try it.
Kimberley Montpetit loves to belly dance and once performed a tribal dance in a coffee house with
her husband and three teenage sons in the audience. The group dance became a
solo when the other dancers didn’t show. You can often find her shimmying while
doing the dishes.  
            A die-hard lover of chocolate, Kimberley
can eat a whole pan of brownies in a single day and loves ketchup on her
spaghetti. It’s a childhood thing. 
Cindy Roland has won a
few things on the radio, like $5000 dollars when they were poor college
students, and a trip to Mazatlan when Oliver North, a family friend to her
in-laws, called the radio station to win the contest for who knew the most
famous person.
Cindy once
chased down a criminal in downtown Washington DC when she discovered he had
just broken into several cars, including her mother-in-law’s. When the DC cops
asked her what she was going to do with the guy if she’d caught him, she told
them she wasn’t sure but wanted to tell him how wrong stealing was. That made
them laugh, and one of them good-naturedly suggested her naivety might have
something to do with where she was from as he pointed to the “I’m from Utah”
T-shirt she had on. Incidentally, they also thanked her since the thief dropped
two of the duffel bags he’d stolen out of one car in order to get away from the
Utah woman chasing after him. 
Cami Checketts is training for her third marathon and is hoping being over
forty and in the hefty honey’s division (the race organizers call it something
nice like Filly division) means she’ll finally win something.
Cami is much too obsessed with her four boys and loves watching
them play lacrosse. From her 6’3″ 16-year-old defender to her 3’2″
4-year-old goalie, she cheers, drives hours to practice and games, bakes
cookies for all the teams, and thinks lax Momma is the best title in the world.

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