Fortune for Fools by Cindy Christiansen





Risk-taker Zeke Abberley knows how to be bold when it comes to his antique shop on Merchant Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. He successfully bid on a collection of 1800s antiques in Nauvoo, Illinois that may contain a valuable Hayez painting. However, love is another matter. Afraid that all women are users, he’s always injuring his dates, particularly Lavinia Vega, who works at her father’s art gallery.

Studious Lavinia Vega is tired of proving to Zeke that she has no ulterior motives. When Zeke brings her a damaged painting to restore and authenticate, she is eager to help but not get involved. When she uncovers a hidden map behind the painting that leads to valuable buried coins, the game plan changes. Or so Zeke thinks.





Want to stab me in the other eye? You’ve already stabbed me in the heart,” Zeke said, getting to his feet with his hand still covering his eye. “I-I-I’ll talk to you later. Right now, I need a doctor…or an ophthalmologist…or a boatload of Percocet.”




Author Bio:
Cindy A. Christiansen writes sweet romance with humor, suspense…and dogs! She’s the mother of two awesome boys who just happen to be autistic. Dogs have helped her through multiple health issues so she honors them in her books and donates both time and money to help them. She lives with her wonderful family and delightful dogs in West Jordan, UT. Fly into a good book at:!

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